Bad Habits that Make Your Home Messy & Reasons You Should Give Up

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Bad Habits that Make Your Home Messy & Reasons You Should Give Up

Some habits are difficult to give up and home is perhaps the first place that bears the regular abuse. Giving up a few bad doings can make your home spotless and keep the health and hygiene of your space intact. Take a look below and avoid making them in future for improved hygiene.

Bad Habits to Bid Goodbye

Not Changing Your Kitchen Sponge

When was the last time you bought new sponges for your kitchen sink? People usually believe that sponges get self-cleaned with the constant use of soap, but this is far from the truth. Sponges are notorious breeding grounds for harmful bacteria and regular exposure to moisture further makes them a potential hotspot for germs to breed and multiply. To avoid contamination in the kitchen, experts offering house cleaning in Kew suggest replacing kitchen sponges every 3 weeks for improved health and hygiene.

Cluttered Table Tops

Nearly 80% of households have almost anything and everything stored on their tables. From stationery, grocery bags, containers to knick-knacks, table tops consume most of the space and look unnecessarily cluttered. You name something and it’s there. It might be easy to dump everything in one place but ideally not a feasible solution. It adds to the clutter and makes your house messy. Designate specific areas of your home for storing household items and eliminate the cramped feel. Keeping your belongings organised and stacking them in designated areas will make your house look spick and span.

Using Filthy Cleaning Tools

You might be vacuuming your house but are your cleaning tools clean? Cleaning accessories requires routine clean-up too in order to stay in top shape and work effectively. If they don’t perform well or become outdated, you should immediately replace them with fresh, new ones. Cross-contamination is a common mistake most homeowners make. It is not at all feasible to use bathroom cleaning essentials for your dining space. High-traffic areas such as bathrooms harbour different bacteria, fungus and mould that may cause potential harm to your family members and put your health at stake. Thus, professional cleaners always recommend separating kitchen and bathroom cleaning tools to mitigate the risk of cross-contamination and keep health and hygiene unhampered.

Leaving the Refrigerator Uncleaned for Months

Most people ignore cleaning refrigerators considering that cool temperature retards the growth of germs, but this is far from truth. Food can still rot and develop fungus despite being preserved in a cool environment. Uneaten consumables, overripe fruits, opened vegetable packets can cause severe health hazards and put the health of your family members at stake. Therefore, it’s utmost essential to wipe your refrigerator both inside and out with a mixture of water and vinegar during house cleaning in Brighton. Besides removing stains, spills and spots from trays and fridge interiors, it will eliminate musty odour and keep your appliance in top shape for the coming years.

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