‘‘Miracle Microfiber’’- The NEXT-GEN Power Material for House Cleaning

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‘‘Miracle Microfiber’’- The NEXT-GEN Power Material for House Cleaning

Commonly referred to as magic material, microfiber has won hearts of millions of people across the globe for it’s miracle power of diluting stains, dirt and grime. From domestic cleaning to janitorial services, this magic material has blown minds of people with it’s exceptional quality of terminating dust mites, germs and allergens that otherwise gives rise to potential health hazards.

If you are not yet aware of this hype, it’s high time to check it out. From homeowners to professional cleaning companies, everyone is relying upon microfiber for sparkling results.

Let’s explore the actual reasons behind the growing demand for microfiber and get your doubts squeaky clean!!

Explore The “Miracle ‘Microfiber”

Before you delve into the benefits of this synthetic material, you need to know what constitutes microfiber. It comes with a mixture of polyester and nylon fibres that are much thinner than human hair and capable of attracting even the tiniest of dust mites. As and when the fibres are processed, they create a net-like structure that can trap dust mites, dirt and moisture better than cotton. One of the potential reasons that make microfiber the most preferred material for house cleaning in Brighton is its static charge. The clinging feature attracts more dirt and makes surfaces free of germs.

Areas in Your Home Where You Can Use Microfiber

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Microfiber is a soft synthetic material that can be used in all surfaces for a sparkling shine. Here are some commonly used areas in your home where you can use microfiber.

Bathroom: -No matter how much you have splurged on renovating your bathroom floors, you might often come across black patches, moulds and mildews on tiles that can be too hard to remove. However, with microfiber, you can give a thorough scrub to your pale bathroom tiles and get rid of mould and mildews in an instant.

Kitchen:- If you frequently struggle to remove tough stains from ovens, kitchen floors, appliances and countertops, microfiber is here at your rescue. You can get rid of grime and sticky stains with a reliable microfiber rag and little amount of water. Apart from floors and benchtops, food remains, oil, grease can be easily diluted with microscopic hooks.

Dusting: The microscopic hooks work like wonders to trap dust mites and prevents them from spreading in the air. Whereas regular dusting agents spread germs and cause air-borne diseases, microfiber protects you from dust allergies, asthma and other respiratory disorders. By using microfiber, you can expect quality house cleaning in Kew.

Microfiber is the Go-Green Cleaning Trend

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For homeowners who have pets or kids at home and search for green cleaning, microfiber can rightly fulfil their desire as it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals or reactive detergents. Unlike most cleaning supplies that contain active detergents, strong fragrance or solvents, microfiber is free of chemicals and can kill 99% bacteria in your home.

Reach Master Cleaners for Professional House Cleaning

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Do you want your house to sparkle every time you step inside? At Feel Fresh Cleaning Services, we provide exceptional house cleaning in Brighton using latest tools and eco-friendly cleaning supplies at a budgeted cost. Our master cleaners possess apt skills to deliver chemical-free cleaning using microfiber that can give a lint-free shine!!

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