Special Measures That House Cleaning Companies Are Taking While In This Pandemic

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Special Measures That House Cleaning Companies Are Taking While In This Pandemic

The entire world now knows that the COVID 19 virus is not leaving this planet any time soon, notwithstanding the continuing global efforts to come up with a credible vaccine. In fact, every country is now racing against time to learn how to live with the virus and still stay healthy and fit.

The scenario is the same in Australia and in this neo-normal circumstance, the house and commercial cleaning companies have their task cut out. They are going extra miles to come up with services that are all meant to keep their clients’ properties clean and disinfected. Take, for instance, Feel Fresh Cleaning Services. In the wake of this changed situation, our cleaners are going extra miles to offer specialised cleaning services for our clients.

Here is a synopsis of the steps that we have taken carrying out house cleaning in Kew or elsewhere, wherever we offer service.

We Stick to the Regulations Rolled out by the Victoria Govt.

Victoria State Govt has issued a list of rules and regulations regarding environmental cleaning and disinfection principles for health and residential care facilities, which are available in the following link:


Our cleaner religiously follows the state guidelines when we offer our house cleaning services.

We Periodically Check the Health of Our Cleaners

Indeed, before dispatching the cleaners at your home, we monitor the health of our cleaners. On the onset of even slightest of symptoms like even a hint of flu, running nose, sore throat, hoarse voice, cold and cough, we are not disengaging our cleaners from the duty. This is to ensure that we are never the source of any infection from any angle.

We Use the Best Cleaning Agents and Take Precautionary Measures

Even when our cleaners are given a ‘fit certificate’ to go ahead and perform the duties at your home, t they take all the security measures while cleaning. While they would have masks and gloves on, they will also have protective face shields and other protective gear to stay safe. We would ask you to stay at a confined, away from us, as we carry out the cleaning over the rest of the house.

We Sanitize Ourselves Constantly

In between visits, our cleaners thoroughly clean themselves and change their uniforms, the mop heads, dispose of the gloves and masks, face shields, and sanitize themselves to ensure that they are clean and disinfected – always.

We Use the Govt Approved Cleaning Agents

While carrying out house cleaning in Brighton, we would use only and only govt-approved hospital-grade cleaners that will ensure the best cleaning solution. These are all eco-friendly cleaners, which will not only clean thoroughly but will ensure that they pose no threat to your health or environment.

Maintenance of Physical Distance

We are suggesting our customers stay confined in a specific room or area of your home, while we carry out the cleaning in the other parts. Thus, we ensure the maintenance of physical distancing, to thwart any probability of cross-infection whatsoever.

So you see, we take these measures that not only ensure safety to you but to our cleaners as well. For further details, call Feel Fresh Cleaning Services at 0433 452 349 or 0405 041 433.

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