Tile and Grout Cleaning Melbourne

Why You Need Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning Service in Mernda and Richmond

Tile and Grout Cleaning makes your tiled areas in your home stand out, we use Australian made products and technology. No matter what type of tiling or grout that you have, we can get it clean and make it look new.

You’ve probably tried various methods to clean your tiles and grout, but when you are done you see very little results. This is because grout has a rough texture that is able to absorb dirt and bacteria. The cleaners you can purchase over the counter are unable to penetrate deep enough to remove the discolouration and give a proper clean.

An alternative to having us come and clean your tile and grout is getting down and knees and scrubbing with a small brush. This takes many hours to do probably and is not fun at all! Despite this, we do come across people who do this. Why put yourself through the pain? Just call us and sit back and relax while it gets done for you.

Our technicians know how to get a deep down clean and are able to restore your tiles and grouting to their former beauty.

Our Cleaning Process for Tile and Grout Cleaning in Melbourne

From concentrated deep cleaning to light gentle cleaning on different types of tiles, we deep clean grout lines. They are so porous and absorb grease and dirt so easily that a good deep clean on grout is needed.

  • We prespray the tiles with a grease cutting tile cleaner
  • The tiles are then scrubbed with a rotary machine using brushes to remove grease from the surface and grout
  • The grout is then deep cleaned using a hand brush
  • The tiles are steam cleaned with hot water to kill any mould and bacteria
  • Floors are then dried ready to walk on.

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